Yes, I know. It’s monday. In my defense, when it takes me 3 hours to edit a movie, I wont be promoting it on monday morning or sunday in the middle of the night. So with that, I hope you still enjoy this video from last weekend.

Who’s the birthday boy?

That’s Nass her little nephew Teddy.

What are you doing?

Basicly old dutch games. There was also some family and cake!

How long do we have to wait till the next video?

This is the last week before the holiday. So I will try to find some material to upload one at the end of the week. After that, we’ll go on holiday. So that might be two weeks without a video. But once I get back, I’ll make an awesome holiday video that will knock your socks off!


About ididwhatnow

A 30-something dutch guy figuring out life.