I’m not much of a blogger

Starting a blog is something I’ve always wanted to do. As a former webdesigner, I always focussed on a WordPress environment rich with all it’s features. Trouble came lurking around the corner when it came down to content.

Content is king

I’ve been considering dedicating a blog to my profession “Freelance User Experience (UX) Design”. It’s something I honestly can say that I truly love. If I would do so, one of my biggest inspiration would be my daily work and activites. Only as a freelancer, I’m pretty limited to what I can report on that due to Nondisclosure Agreements. I could write some articles about the process and issues but that would keep it vague. Without showing the work, it would get pretty boring as well.


Perhaps I should focus on one of my many hobbies. Hitting the gym, gaming, photography and many more. I guess it would be a great excuse to go outside (beside catching Pokemon), to shoot some pictures. But in all honesty I’m one of  those guys who shoot on “automatic” and adds value in Photoshop. With the gaming, it’s something that I love but know there’s so much competition. Feels like I started too late.
While thinking (and writing) about this, an idea popped/pooped in my mind. I’ll save this one for myself for now.

Research required

I guess I should do some reading before I do some writing. A lot more people must’ve struggled with this issue. I’ll see if I can gather some great sources and share these with you.
I’ll keep you informed!

update While searching for quality content, I came across a lot of garbage. I wasn’t looking for any ‘this-is-how-you-set-up-a-domain-name’, mostly looking for usefull writing tips.
Some basic tips on what not to do. Also a nice article about how to find your niche. Finally a post about boosting popularity.


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